The partnership between Rina and Ecocean is the result of the meeting between aquatic engineering and metallurgy.

Ecocean participates in maintaining biodiversity in the aquatic environment: Ecocean fishes, raises and releases.

Ecocean uses steel as a construction material to design nurseries or biohut. It makes it possible to meet the requirements and constraints of the marine environment while limiting the environmental impact.

These nurseries, BioHut, are different depending on the uses and needs.

Relying on her know-how in metallurgy, Rina wanted to contribute to the improvement and efficiency of these modules.

To do so, the first "mooring" Biohuts, or traps encircling the mooring chains, have just been produced and installed (Photos opposite, copyright Remy Dubas).

This first Biohut Rina model made it possible to reduce the weight by half (compare to the old model used).


Its development in radial is supplemented by "combs" making it possible to respect the spacing between the blades and therefore to limit the passage of possible predators.

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